For Reviewers

Double blind peer review

VJE adopts double blind review, which means that the reviewers and authors cannot identify each others’ information.

How to become a reviewer

Reviewers are usually invited by the editorial office or recommended by authors. Scientists can register to become VJE reviewers by registering in the VJE system.
If review comments cannot be submitted within the 14 days of the review period, please decline to review or ask for an extension of the review period.

Notice: For each review of the article, the reviewer will receive a nominal fee of 15 USD. This amount will be added and paid for the APC of articles of which the reviewer is a co-author.

How to write review comments

The reviewer does not necessary to comment on the style and format but just concentrate on the scientific soundness and logical interpretation of the results.

The reviewer should evaluate/comment on the following sections of the manuscript:





Literature review:

Research method and Result:

Discussion and Conclusion:


* English language:

* Other comments:

* Reviewer's decision: Accepted with minor revision/Accepted with major revision/Reject

The format of the evaluation paper will be sent to the reviewer. The reviewer can also download a sample review file here.

Comment to authors: Summarize the whole content of the manuscript in one sentence. Please make a specific comment according to the order of each section of the manuscript. The reviewer’s recommendation on acceptance should not be stated in the comment to the authors. Consider if the peer review opinion may increase the quality of the manuscript or further research by the author.

Comment to the editor: The reviewer’s recommendation on acceptance may be added here including a special opinion to the editor.