Journal History

Vietnam Journal of Education (VJE) (ISSN: 2588-1477) was established on March 9, 2001, on the basis of merging the Journal of Educational Research (tạp chí "Nghiên cứu Giáo dục", established in 1969) and the Journal of University & Professional Education (tạp chí "Đại học và Giáo dục chuyên nghiệp", established 1968).

Since 2021, VJE has been highly appreciated by the State Council of Professors (one of the few journals with the highest rating in the field of education sciences in Vietnam). The State Council of Professors rated VJE from 0 to 1.0 points.

VJE published the first issue in the fourth quarter of 2017. Since the fourth quarter of 2018, VJE has published articles with a publishing structure and process consistent with international scientific publishing standards.

In the coming period, VJE will continue to develop for the quality improvement and international integration.