Organizational Structure

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Tien-Trung NGUYEN
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Editorial Department

Dung Van HA, Head of Editorial Department

Khoi Minh NGUYEN, Deputy Chief of Editorial Department

Ha Viet NGUYEN, Editor

Linh Khanh HOANG, Editor

Van An Le NGUYEN, Editor

Editorial Secretariat

Dieu Thi DANG, Head of Editorial Secretariat

Hung Huy NGUYEN, Deputy Chief of Editorial Secretariat

Mai Thi Hoang BUI, Graphic Designer

Thao Van TRUONG, Editor

Human Resources and Business Administration

Hong Huy NGUYEN, Head of Human Resources and Business Administration

Trung Chi NGUYEN, Staff

Kim Anh Thi NGUYEN, Accountant

Chi Phuong TRAN, Cashier

Duy Bao NGUYEN, Staff